Cowbridge Old Hall Gardens

The Cowbridge Charter Trust was pleased to be commended in class 2 of the Awards for Wildlife from the Vale of Glamorgan Biodiversity Partnership announced at the Vale Show especially when the entries were, "excellent and deciding on the winners was very difficult."

The Judge's comments for our project were;

"This project will provide a wildlife haven in the middle of Cowbridge. I was impressed with the number of projects that are being undertaken within a relatively small area and the wildlife meadow will certainly look striking when it is ready."

Chairman of the Old Hall Gardens sub-committee, Mrs Linda Osborn

showing the Judges the start of the Wild life meadow and the other work in progress.

Judges judging the pond and looking for the wildlife!

"The pond had very well thought out features and you have clearly got very good advice on hand. Fish free waters, however, would go a long way in improving its biodiversity value!"


Mr Rob Cope pointing out to the Judges  the lavender hedge we planted on the raised walkway and the renovations of the Town Wall
......................... while the other volunteers carry on working!


The Judges were shown around the the Gardens at 9:30 on Thursday June 9th 2011 by Trustee Harry Hailes with the happy coincidence of having the band of hard working gardening volunteers to call on for support. Harry also pointed out the work done on the facade, the pond and indicated some of the designated areas for bird and bat boxes.

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