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A Space for Stories in Old Hall Gardens: a tale of rubbish reborn

A children's reading circle was created in Old Hall Gardens Cowbridge by Cowbridge Charter Trust. Situated outside the Library, there are nine benches to seat up to 36 children and a big chair for the Story-Teller.

A generous Biffa Award, along with extensive help from Creative Rural Communities, has transformed what was just a dream in 2009 to a facility that has enormous imaginative potential for our community and is absolutely free of charge.

The Space for Stories came about because the Trust wanted our children to have a special outdoor space where they could listen to stories of all kinds: the abundant natural life inhabiting the Garden, the story of their town and heritage as well as works of the imagination to feed their own inner lives.

The Space for Stories is absolutely free. Groups from schools, play groups, nurseries, and any informal group - adults and children - all are welcome! The Library (01446 773941) will keep a register of bookings to avoid disappointment and all are welcome to use the space informally when there is no booking.

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