2004 celebrations and parades - Food & Drink Festival - Jazz Festival - Cowbridge Town Wall Restoration - Holy Cross floodlighting - primroses on Primrose Hill............... ………….
Cowbridge Food & Drink Festival

In October 2004 we started the annual Cowbridge Food and Drink Festival.
This became so successful by 2006 that running the Festival had become a full time job and we handed it over to a separate voluntary Organisation.
It is now one of the most popular Food Festival in Wales and in 2010 was the winners of the National Tourism Awards Wales; Best Community Event 2010.

 Cowbridge Jazz Festival

In June 2005 we started the Cowbridge Jazz Festival following on from the successful Jazz concert and lunch during the 2004 Celebrations.

2006 Jazz festival saw jazz classes for children and featured Acker Bilk and with other jazz bands from around S Wales. In 2007 we had an even more successful Festival in terms of the music, despite the weather, that included amongst others an all-Girl Jazz band from Croatia and the Temperance Seven. Unfortunately this was taking too much of the volunteers' time and sadly we were unable to find anyone else to take it on for 2008 or since. But we do note that there is now an annual Music Festival in Cowbridge so all good wishes to the organisers for the future

 The Restoration of Cowbridge Town Wall

2006 was the start of the restoration of the Cowbridge Town Wall with the clearing of the vegetation by volunteers of the intrusive vegetation that all but hid the Wall.

2008 saw rebuilding work start on the section between the Physic Garden and the South entrance with a grant to help train inmates from HMP Parc in the skills of working with lime mortar.

2009 and our request to the Vale Council for a £60,000 Grant to restore the Wall acquired increased urgency with the collapse of the Wall by the Market Tavern!

The Report commissioned in 1999 by the Council estimated the cost of repairs at £402,610 excluding fees and VAT with an annual maintenance budget of £2,500 excluding materials and administration.

2011 completed the renovation works to the satisfaction of both CADW and the Council Conservation Planning Officer and within budget.

 We were also able to undertake archaeological investigations to determine the full extent of the original medieval wall construction much of which is buried beneath the Georgian rebuild and this work is now the subject of a Paper published in November 2011 by the Cowbridge Record Society in their book entitled "Echoes of Old Cowbridge”.
Negotiations are now proceeding with the Vale of Glamorgan Council to put in place a programme for future maintenance to ensure that the Walls do not fall into disrepair once again.

Floodlighting the Holy Cross Church was completed in 2008

First advocated in 2004 as part of the 750 Celebrations the negotiations were complicated by the Town Council being responsible for the ground surrounding the Church. Then there were complaints concerning possible light pollution, disturbing bats and wrens! Fortunately the delays were eventually beneficial, as they enabled us to take advantage of the latest advances in LED lighting with much lower running and maintenance costs.

The Church was “washed” in colour changing lighting instead of being floodlit, using just 240 watts instead of 3000!

Finally on the 23rd of November 2008 the floodlighting of the Church of the Holy Cross was officially switched on!

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